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Regional & Homemade Products

Delicacies from the Wimmerhof

Our Wimmerhof farm has many tasty delicacies for you to try, including homemade jam & tasty liqueurs made from the fruit we harvest right here at the Wimmerhof farm, for you to buy & literally take a taste of the Wimmerhof home with you.

Take a piece of Bavaria home with you or bring home an edible souvenir for friends and family. Our popular "Schmankerl-Kastl" at the Wimmerhof gives guests a variety of local produce from regional farmers to taste top-quality products straight from the source. Find anything Bavarian & tasty,  such as honey, eggs, spreads, even noodles, spirits, and traditional Bavarian specialities.

Fresh Farm Produce from our Region

We are very passionate about farmers' products and sustainability. We want to offer our guests delicacies directly from the farmer, or from the direct sellers while ensuring all resources come directly from their own farm.


Ensuring the food comes straight from the source, entailing all resources used to grow are sustainable, natural, and meet high standards of quality.