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Regional & Homemade Products

Delicacies from the Wimmerhof

Our Wimmerhof farm has many tasty delicacies for you to try, including tasty cheese and delicious fresh milk from our happy cows, homemade jam, tasty liqueurs, and fresh herbs directly from our garden, to which guests can even help themselves to add to homecooked meals.

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Fresh Farm Prooduce from our Region

Feel inspired by our lifestyle in tune to nature, and maybe share some delicious Bavarian treats and a taste of our life with your family and friends. Or maybe, you simply want to treat yourself to something special, a top-quality product straight from the source. Our "Schmankerl-Kastl" includes delicious produce delivered directly from regional farmers as well as our very own farm for you to pick and choose from. Maybe take home some honey, bread spreads, meats, cheese, butter, eggs, jams, or even noodles and further Bavarian specialities.

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