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Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

Dear guests, please note that your holiday on the Wimmerhof farm is subject to the applicable mandatory terms and conditions listed below as soon as your booking is confirmed.


If you want to be on the safe side and avoid any costs that may be incurred, we recommend that you take out travel insurance that includes cancellation cover.


Rights and obligations of the host and guest

Upon confirmation of a booking by the host, this represents a contract that must be honoured by both parties.


1. The contract between the guest and host is considered to be binding as soon as the accommodation has been booked or the reservation confirmed or, in the event of a late booking, as soon as the accommodation is made available.


2. The contract binds both parties to fulfil the contract for the agreed duration.


3. If the accommodation booked is not available, the host is obliged to pay compensation to the guest.


4. If the guest does not use the accommodation covered by the contract, he or she is obliged to pay the agreed price less any expenses saved by the host. The compensation to be paid by the guest for the losses incurred by the host is calculated at 90% of the booked price. If the host succeeds in re-letting the accommodation, the guest only has to pay a fee of 10%.


5.a) In the event of a booking cancellation by the guest, the host undertakes in good faith to let the unused accommodation to another guest, if possible, in order to avoid financial loss.


5.b) The guest is obliged to pay the amount calculated in accordance with section 4 for the duration of the contract until the accommodation is re-let. The damages are charged to the guest and must be paid within 8 days.

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